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House Clearance Buxton

We at Wardrobe are a professional and family run House Clearance company operating complete house clearance services throughout Buxton and the Derbyshire area.

With over 30 yaer's experience in the property clearing trade we pride ourselves on our
Respectful, Courteous and Light Manner, Especially when undertaking a bereavement house clearance.

Unfortunatly, Most of our house clearances are in the result of a bereavement.

Now we know as well as anybody a bereavement in the family is hard enough without having stress and responsibility of having to clear the house of the heavy furniture and cluttered cupboards making the property ready for resale.

So why not make the situation easier by hiring Wardrobe to undertake the property clearance making the whole process as smooth and stress free as possible.


The benefit of choosing Wardrobe is our ability to resell furniture throughout our second hand furniture sop in Manchester.

This means that instead of charging you to clear furniture which has value like most house clearance companies, we will take it away for free or possibly pay you.


If the house is full of furniture and household items which have little / no value then we will charge to clear te property and dispose of furniture etc throughout our recycling centres.

If the house is a mix... Meaning some good valueable furniture and items which will need disposing of then the good items will knock as sum off the cost to clear the junk.

However, If the house is full of quality furniture then we will pay you cash to clear the furniture.

If you are unsure of the value of the furniture then we are more than happy to take a look and give you some advice.

We pay cash for all Vintage, Retro, Antique & Modern furniture.

So if you require some form of house clearance or property clearance service in Buxton or the Buxton area please feel free to contact Thomas anytime for a free quotation on...

0161 483 - 0697 or via mobile on 07941639562