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How Does A House Clearance Work?

There are Three main ways in which a House Clearance can be undertaken.

Most popular being the house is full of furniture / house hold items and cluttered cupoboards with very little / no value to which we will charge to clear and then dispose of to the correct recycling bays.

We offer 10% discount on a bereavement house clearance.

Secondly, There is a mix for example some furniture which has some value along with junk items which will need disposeing of.

In this situation the good furniture we can sell through our second hand furniture outlet will be deducted from the bill making the house clearance cheaper or possibly free.

This is the benefit of using Wardrobe, As most house clearance companies have no furniture outlet and will charge to clear the furniture regardless of it's value.

And Thirdly, The house is full of quality furniture of high value to which we will pay you to clear the house!

If you are unsure of the furniture value, we will be more than happy to come and take a look.


  1. You Call Thomas At Wardrobe On 0161 483 - 0697 or via mobile on 07880991834.
  2. You Tell Us What Type Of House Clearance You Require, If Unsure Thats No Problem We Can Come And Take A Look.
  3. We Will Book A Suitable Time & Date Where We Can Come & View The Contents Of The Property.
  4. We Will Give You The Free No Obligation Quotation.
  5. If The Price Is Agreed Then We Will Come And Clear The Property At A Time & Date That Suits You.

The house clearance process which we provide is very easy, reliable and second to none.

Give Thomas a call if you have any queries or would like to book a house clearance on either of the following numbers...

Landline - 0161 483 - 0697

Mobile - 07880991834
How A House Clearance Works